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I am a divergent-pop singer in south London narrating my emotional reflectiveness through my versatile R&B tunes. 

I am explicit about the wealth of radically changing life decisions. 


I grew up with my grandmother's fairy tales, with Pavarotti singing "Vincerò" in my grandfather's car, with the Italian songwriters filling the silence of the house, with my dad singing “One song, I have but one song” with me pretending to be Snow White, and with my mom asking me to whistle from inside the baby cot when couldn't even speak.

I discovered that I wanted to dedicate my life to music a long time ago, but I became aware of it only recently.


My turning point was the decision to leave, to live in London and study music, no longer treating it as a mere pastime.


My intention now is writing my own songs, is in putting into music everything that I have learned, that I dream of and in which I deeply believe.

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